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Why McGregor Institute of EMS?

Choosing the right EMT course is important to your success as a student.  The Institute of EMS strives to offer a supportive environment for our students.  Why do students choose the Institute of EMS?

  • The primary goal of any EMT class is to prepare students to pass the National certifying exam.  Our students have higher pass rates than the state and national averages.

  • Our faculty is comprised of professional educators who are also practicing EMTs with years of experience.

  • Students learn from a variety of experts with EMS experience allowing them to get multiple perspectives on challenging topics.


Pass Rates for EMT


National Pass Rates:

      - 66% (1st attempt)

     - 78% (3 attempts)


McGregor Pass Rates:

     - 82% (1st attempt)

     - 87% (3 attempts)


Topic Area Breakdown for Pass Rates
McGregor, New Hampshire, and National (as of 8/1/19, rates for pass two years)



McGregor: 72%
New Hampshire: 51%
National: 48%


McGregor: 80%
New Hampshire: 52%
National: 50%

McGregor: 62%
New Hampshire: 49%
National: 49%


EMS Operations
McGregor: 74%
New Hampshire: 54%

National: 49%


McGregor: 66%
New Hampshire: 48%
National: 48%


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