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Institute Courses

McGregor Institute of EMS provides an array of courses for the current and prospective emergency medical technitian. We offer the most up to date classes and provide a strong cirriculumn for anyone to build a solid foundation on. From the prospective EMT to the ecxperienced provider, McGregor Institute has a class for you. Check out some of our classes below, or check out some more classes under the "Courses" tab.


Emergency Medical Technitian


EMTs are the first line in providing patient care in the prehospital setting. They provide the foundation for the EMS hierarchy. EMTs learn the basic skills required to properly treat, assess, and package patients for transport to a hospital. Learn to provide life saving skills for yourself and for others.


Advanced EMT


Advanced EMTs are the second line in providing patient care in the prehospital arena. Advanced EMTs are Advanced Life Support providers and are trained to provide higher levels of care than EMTs. AEMTs are educated to provide advanced cardiac assessment and provide life saving medications.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


CPR is perhaps one of the most important first line treatments in witnessed cardiac arrest patients. CPR is great for every person to know. CPR is very simple and could save a life! Get yourself trained today on how to perform the life saving techniques of CPR.

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